Did the owner of Amul milk sack beef consumers from the company?

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A post about large scale layoffs of Amul employees is rapidly spreading across social media and has gained attention from netizens.

Claims: The post claims that the owner of Amul milk, Anand Seth, has fired 1.38 lakh employees recently. It also claimed that the reason behind the termination of employment for so many staff members is beef consumption. According to the viral post, Anand Seth has sacked only those employees who eat beef. The viral post read, “हिंदू अब जाग रहा है, अमूल दूध के मालिक आनंद सेठ ने गौमांस खाने वाले 1.38 लाख कर्मचारियों को नौकरी से निकाला। धन्यवाद सेठ जी!”





The news about the large scale layoffs at Amul is completely fake.

First of all, there is no such man named Anand Seth working at Amul, whom the claims suggest to be the owner. The managing director of the milk company is Dr R S Sodhi, who has been holding the position since 2010.

It is well-known that Amul stands for Anand Milk Union Limited. One can guess that the source may have chosen the name Anand while spreading the fake news, taking a cue from the full name of Amul.

Secondly, we went through his official Twitter account. There was no mention of the mass termination of employment at Amul. Similarly, the official Twitter account of Amul also did not tweet anything in this regard.

To corroborate our findings, we searched the keywords on google. We found that no media channel covered this news when the sacking of 1.38 lakh employees on communal grounds would have certainly gained attention from the media. 

Another fact-checking website, Newschecker reported that when asked about the viral claim, Dr. R S Sodhi said, “वायरल दावा पूरी तरह से गलत है। अमूल द्वारा ऐसा कोई कदम नहीं उठाया गया है। अमूल के साथ गुजरात के सभी धर्म के 36 लाख से ज्यादा किसान जुड़े हुए हैं। जो कि कंपनी के लिए पूरे दिल से बिना किसी भेदभाव के काम करते हैं। हमने अभी ही नहीं, बल्कि पिछले कुछ सालों में भी किसी भी कर्मचारी को नहीं निकाला है।”

(“The viral claim is completely false. No such step has been taken by Amul. More than 36 lakh farmers of all religions of Gujarat are associated with Amul. They work wholeheartedly for the company without any discrimination. We have not fired any employee not only now, but in the last few years also.”)

Hence, it is clear that the news about the owner of Amul firing 1.38 lakh employees on communal grounds is fake.

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