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Are you really drinking poisonous milk made this way ?

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A video is viral on WhatsApp which shows a man mixing some liquid to water which makes it look exactly like milk. He used two small glasses (usually tea vendors use) to transfer the milky white liquid from one glass to another.

People found this video so shocking they lost their senses and thinking power & just shared it blindly.

OMG – 92,000 Shares approx already reaching 1 Lakh

Text along with the video –
“As per #WHO #India produces 14 crore litres of #Milk and sells around 50 + crores litres of #Milk. They say Indians are drinking #poision and not #Milk.. due to such huge adulteration 87% of population in #India could suffer from #Cancer.🙁🙁🙁. I would prefer to buy my own cow.

Share this VDO as much as possible to make our Indians brothers / sisters aware of this.”

This video has a Sharechat profile name proflaad
Here is his post –



Analysis –

The point worth noticing here is the man who is mixing the liquids didn’t drink it, didn’t smell it.
Infact, no one in the video claimed this to be milk at all, and from the drum, it looks like from industrial area.

Further the glass bottle from which the liquid is poured has the exact shape of a Dettol bottle

Haven’t you ever seen result of mixing Dettol with water ? On mixing small amount of water, it changes to milky color. Same with Phenyl too.

SMHoaxSlayer created the following video, on left is the viral video, on right is a video of making White Phenyl


Mixing of Dettol with Water –
In this ratio of Dettol and water is not enough to make it completely look like milk, if only the Dettol was more


But the news along with he video is true, Published by Newspaper Bhaskar

Times of India

68.4% milk in India is adulterated, finds survey!

Many Adulterated or fake milk scams have been reported by News Houses earlier though –

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