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Staged video of a sadhu beating a policeman shared as real

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A video, a TikTok video as seen, in which a man, possibly a sadhu is shown choking and beating a policeman on the street.

Viral Text: “कानून का टेंटुआ दबाता हुआ एक जमाती।।।”

Translation: “A Jamaati choking the law



The video is making rounds on social media amidst the lockdown in the country and the Tableeghi Jamaat incident.


The post was widely shared on Facebook, with a particular post shared for over 900 times.





The video was also shared on Twitter with the same text, “कानून का टेंटुआ दबाता हुआ एक जमाती!!!”





Upon doing a Google Reverse Image Search and Yandex search of the screenshots taken of the viral video, it was found that the video is from a Youtube channel named, ‘CWE’ which stands for Continental Wrestling Entertainment. It is a channel that entertains people through wrestling. The video is titled, “Singham Dubey Ji is jealous to see baba reading palm of Aunty”. The video can be found on their YouTube channel.

The entire video is staged and is posted for the sake of fun and entertainment. The cop who is seen choked by the sadhu baba is Manish Dubey, who goes by the stage name ‘Singham Dubey’, is a professional wrestler and is currently training under Dalip Singh Rana, also known as ‘The Great Khali’. 

The clipping that is going viral is cropped out of the YouTube video meant solely for entertainment and given a communal angle, in a slightly sarcastic tone as seen in the caption. Hence, the viral video is misleading and false. 


Rhea Binoy

Spread the truth:

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