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Is the child asking for prayers for her sick mother due to the corona virus?

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Claim: A post showing a collage of a sick woman on a bed and a crying child has been doing rounds on Facebook with an emotional message where the child asks everyone to share the post so her mother can receive more prayers and recover soon from the Corona Virus.

The text attached on top of the photo reads: “Please help save my mum I don’t want to lose her. Am not asking for money but prayer and single share. Oh My Heavenly Father, deliver everyone who SHARE this prayer from any form of CORONAVIRUS and DEATH. Please hare to atleast 5 groups on Facebook so she get more prayers. Thank you and God bless you.”

Underneath the photo it reads, “BANGABLOG.COM”. “Pray for my mum she’s infected with COVID-19 please pray for her recovery” is also included under the photo.



The following post had 78000 shares





These are old photos being used to make money banking on our emotions.

There are many online ad agencies like Google AdSense, Taboola, MGid who pays websites based on traffic i.e. people visiting the page. This emotion and asking to share obviously brings a huge traffic to the page from which the con artist is making money. Below is the screenshot of the page with the sponsored ad in red rectangle.


The post is false and deceptive. The image of the woman in the post is not of a Corona patient. Upon doing a reverse image search of the sick woman’s image, articles from 2015 popped up. The woman’s name is Jenny Bone and she was a coma patient who recovered after her husband refused to end her life. News websites like Daiymail and Metro have published articles about the same. When the crying child’s image was reverse searched, it was found that the picture is available on sites like Shutterstock and FineArtAmerica. The photo was uploaded on FineArtAmerica on 22nd October 2018 by an account named Cat Simpson. The post is fake and a collage of images that are simply put together and falsely captioned to mislead the audience.


Source: DailyMail 


Source: Metro


Source: Shutterstock


Source: FineArtAmerica


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