Sheikh performing an aarti !! Is it PM Modi’s magic? Is it new Abu Dhabi Temple ?

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OMG! Sheikh performing an aarti !! Is it Modi’s magic? Is it new Abu Dhabi Temple inauguration? No, This was a BAPS sadhus Satsang Tour in 2013.

This 5 year photo had been floating on net with various false claims
– Sheikh doing Aarti is effect of Modi Ji ‘s Arab Visit
– A new temple made after Modi Ji ‘s Arab Visit.







TRUTH: This photo is from A Satsang Tour in 2013 of UAE, Bahrain & Oman i.e. before Modi ji became PM and when Manmohan ji was PM.


This photo is from BAPS Sadhus Satsang Tour in Middle east in Year 2013.

Check the top right photo in the gallery below

Satsang Tour by BAPS Sadhus, Africa & Middle East

11 Aug 2013 to 14 Sep 2013

Photo Gallery:

This was first debunked in India by SMHoaxSlayer 2 years ago –


More False ones –


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