Scripted video of a man stealing a girl’s scooter is viral with added communal angle.

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A video is viral in which a man is seen stealing a girl’s scooter. The man is claimed as Muslim in the viral message –

“देखिए मुल्ले का एक लड़का कैसे एक लड़की की एक्टिवा को उड़ा कर ले गया। CCTV कैमरे में हुआ कैद। 👇🏻”

Translation: See how son of a Muslim man stole a girl’s activa. It’s been caught on a CCTV camera”

He is seen inserting a cloth in a scooter’s silencer when the scooter was parked unattended. Once done, he moved away leaving the scooter alone. After few seconds a girl starts the scooter but it doesn’t start. The same man pretends as a passer by offering her his help to which she agrees. The girl starts talking to someone over her phone with her face away from the scooter when the man takes out the cloth he inserted earlier and drives the scooter away following which the girl shouts and tries to follow.




The video is a scripted drama, not real, without any communal angle.

The complete, high resolution scripted video was uploaded on a verified page of an actor “Sanjjanaa Galrani“. The video was uploaded on 23rd December 2021.

While the viral video is trimmed and is 2.19 minutes long, the actual video is 3.15 minutes long with a disclaimer in the end stating it’s a scripted video, meant for educational purpose only.

The verified page of the actor “Sannjanna Galrani” keeps posting such scripted videos quite often with different subjects.

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