Congress used a photo from their own days claiming ‘Youth Anger’ against BJP governance.

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A small video is posted by Official social media platforms of Congress with a collection of different photos to blaming BJP’s governance.

Indian National Congress tweeted –

Dear BJP, You can fool some of the people all the time. You can fool all the people some of the time. But you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. And our nation’s youth? You can never fool. This #NationalYouthDay, our youngsters have resolved to #DefeatBJP.

You’ll find a photo of many people shouting something with their hands in the air at 30 seconds

They also posted it from Manipur’s official Congress Twitter Handle –

This image was also used in the video posted on Youtube on Congress’ official channel



The image used by Congress to blame BJP is more than a decade old, i.e. when they themselves were in power.

Alamy, an Image distribution website says –

“Youths shout anti-India slogans during the funeral procession of Syed Farrukh Bukhari, a 19-year-old Kashmiri boy, in Kreeri, north of Srinagar August 11, 2010. Many of Indian Kashmir’s streets lie deserted aside from stray dogs. Police, who have killed dozens of protesters defying India’s efforts to quell a separatist uprising, stand at street corners in the region’s summer capital of Srinagar. Relatives alleged that Bukhari’s body was recovered from a pitch after he was arrested by the Indian police 11 days ago. REUTERS/Danish Ismail (INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR”


BBC also reported the same in 2014


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