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A staged prank video of girls consuming alcohol is viral alleging it as a result of Kejriwal’s Liquor policies.

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A video showing two girls drinking and on being questioned, swearing at the men recording is viral claiming it to be a result of Kejriwal Government’s step of opening Liquor shops. It shows few men (only audio) are questioning the girls as why are they drinking in the open to which they replied that what’s wrong with it, they used their own money to buy etc. etc. mixed with lost of swear words, obscenities used by the girls.

With few changes in Liquor policies lately, others have raised questions –

On 7th Dec 21, BJP MP Pravin Sahib Singh Verma brought a bottle of liquor in Loksabha alleging Kejriwal’s decision is promoting consumption of liquor

This particular video is viral claiming the girls fell in the habit of liquor consumption because of Kejriwal’s policies.


Renuka Jain, followed by PM tweeted the video with the text Congratulations@ArvindKejriwal for making Delhi liquor capital




The video is quite viral on WhatsApp with the following text –

“केजरीवाल ने दिल्ली की गली गली मे प्राइवेट ठेके खुलवाऐ अब देखलो दिल्ली की लड़की भी”

Translation: “Kejriwal opened liquor shops in every nook and corner, now look what Delhi girls are doing”


The viral video is staged, not a real incident.

We were sent this videos and text on our WhatsApp number asking for it’s authenticity. The first thing we noticed was a Instagram handle watermarked on the video. We checked for it on Instagram, although there were similarities of faces but we couldn’t find the small/teaser video, or any screenshot of it, but we found the name “Sunny Thakur”, we couldn’t find on YouTube too but from there we found a Facebook Page “Thakur Pranks” where we found the video.

Unlike the viral one, the one we found was of quite high resolution and clarity from which we found a mobile number written on the board of a shop in the back ground which is a Money Exchange shop. The shop is in Connaught Place. The video was also shot there.

In the video we also found the following disclaimer –


Also, as you can see in the video (click here), in the end, a man along with these two girls is requesting people to share the video and is explaining that this video was shot for entertainment purpose, the girls were not drinking at all, which proves it’s not a real incident.

Although this part has been trimmed from the video which is viral.

So, the video is not a real incident, the girls were not drinking, were just acting for the same.

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