Sanath Jayasuriya is still alive and wasn’t hit by a Honda Civic in Canada.

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A news is viral that Sanath Jayasuriya, former Sri Lankan cricketer died in Canada after being hit by a Honda Civic car.

Following article is being shared all over

Well known actor Arshad Warsi tweeted it



Even Ashwin Ravichandran, Professional cricketer – represent the Indian cricket team,Tamil Nadu and Kings 11 Punjab. Sarcasm and optimism my forte asks on twitter if it is true or not.

The article posted on a supposedly news website CBTV says

Man knocked down by vehicle in Toronto identified as former Sri Lankan cricketer Sanath Jayasuriya
Man who was knocked down by a Honda Civic vehicle in Canada yesterday sadly dies in hospital.
He passed away this morning – some few hours after sustaining serious injuries following the incident yesterday.

The man has been identified as Sanath Jayasuriya, former Sri Lankan cricketer.

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Canada has confirmed the identity of the 49 year old and said they were aware of his visit to Toronto, Canada.
Sanath Jayasuriya sustained injuries when a Honda Civic vehicle knocked him down after it failed brakes in front of the Toronto Mall yesterday.

He was rushed to the hospital but passed on due to life-threatening injuries.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident but preliminary reports by the Police show that the vehicle failed brakes.”


Well, there hardly anything to clear here as the source of the message is a shady, non credible website and despite this news being posted 6 days ago i.e. 21st May, it’s no where in credible/main stream media.

But if you insist for proof 😉 then a twitter handle in the name Sanath Jayasuriya cleared it’s fake news and he id doing well.

The article was published on 21st May 2019

On the same day it was cleared
“Please disregard fake news by malicious websites regarding my health and well being. I am in Srilanka and have not visited Canada recently.Please avoid sharing fake news.

But yes, I know your next question, the above one is not a verified handle, which of course is a legit question so let’s move forward.

Just few hours ago his verified Facebook page posted a live discussion of his

Further, the website CBTV is a fake news website which earns from traffic to their website and in this case tey did

About Source of Fake News –

The website cbtvn.com which posted Fake news was created just last month, doesn’t have any contact details or any credits to their name anywhere


Check the types of advertisements on their website


Another website but different domain name posted similar Fake news on 16th May 2019 with different name but exactly in the same format of article and website



This also was cleared by Zambia News Media



Many such instances of Fake News had happened in India too in the name of prominent people e.g. Amitabh Bachhan, Vinod Khanna, Baba Ramdev etc.

​Yet another photo spreading claiming Vinod Khanna has left us, has he ?

False photos viral claiming Baba Ramdev met an accident.


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