Stop wearing plain white clothes, one may photoshop your picture for some agenda ! LOL !!!

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There had been a Tsunami of Fake photos since yesterday on Social Media, reached almost every one’s WhatsApp.
The photos had men wearing white tshirt with some quotes written on back, all showing our country in poor light carrying hashtag #JusticeforAsifa. This creates a panic among country loving people.
Following are the quotes on T-shirts

Image #1 Two men – Left – Women! Let India be you last country to visit as it’s your graveyard #JusticeforAsifa
Right – Women are not worthy as cows in India #JusticeforAsifa

Image #2 One man – Beware in sending your females to India #JusticeforAsifa

Image #3 One man – Women are not worthy as cows in India #JusticeforAsifa

The first post with these photos possibly was the following –


Pakistan’s Official Radio –

These later on had been tweeted and shared by many verified sources also –

Madhu Kishwar who ironically claim as “Factarion” in her bio but has been caught quite often posting fakes

MP who later accepted

While many came up with a photo claiming to be the original of 2nd Photo with two men, it still can’t be used as a proof as the quality of photo is too low and the text could’ve been rubbed with white color brush. –

SMHoaxSlayer has tracked down this profile on Instagram and Facebook, sent message on on both the platforms which he has read, sent an email also but haven’t got any reply yet.


So lets get in the details, the fine prints of these photos –

Above is the zoomed part of 2nd Photo. Look above “Beware” There is a slanting edge of a rectangle where the wrinkles above disappears abruptly.

Also look the breaking of white pixels around the letters.

Let’s use forensics now, the dark picture on right hand is ELA of image (Error Level Analysis) –

While every thing mixes with entire image (black strip of shoulder bag and white tshirt has same color) The text stands apart, so it’s added on the original (plain white tshirt) using some software, probably Photoshop

1st Image –

The breaking of pixels around the text proves it as added separately.

Here again you can see, instead of merging with the image like a genuine photo, the text stands out in white color

Same goes with the last picture, totally breaking pixels, Standing out in ELA

At the end, yes, the guy/people who did this took extra care in matching the flow of the cloth, the wrinkles, The twisted the text accordingly.
But they should have given out much lower quality, much lower resolution photos which is difficult to catch.

Many are hurt believing in these photos to be true as what people abroad (Istanbul in this case) are thinking about the country which in this case is false.


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Spread the truth:

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