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Did AIIMS doctor pay respect to Late Shri Vajpayee like this ?

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While entire country is mourning the death of Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, an ex-pm loved widely, many Fake Photos have also started floating on Social Media.

A Photo is viral in which doctors are bowing their heads in respect to a dead body lying on stretcher in front of them which now is claimed as Late Shri Vajpayee’s.


DNA deleted their tweet but you can click on the image


Truth –

This photo is from a hospital in China where the body is of a woman who donated her organs and doctors are paying her respect for the same reason.

China Daily Newspaper published this photo in Year 2015

Photo says

“Medical workers bowed to 17-year-old Wu Huajing who donated her organs after her death in Guangdong, Nov 22, 2012.”

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