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A stone pelting video from Pakistan is viral as Bihar, house of the victim Sunny Gupta

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A video of a mob throwing stones on a house is viral claiming as of Sunny Gupta in Bihar who was recently killed. Claim: “सन्नी गुप्ता, बिहार. ह्रदय विदारक घटना सनी गुप्ता के शव यात्रा पर पथराव के बाद आज मृतक के घर पर फिर जेहादियों ने पुलिस के सामने हमला किया.. कोई कुछ नहीं बोलेगा क्योंकि पीड़ित हिंदू है।”

Translation:After pelting stones at the funeral procession of Sunny Gupta, these Jihadis pelted stones at the Gupta residence in front of the police. No one will say anything because the victim is Hindu.

A video claiming that the people after pelting stones at Sunny Gupta’s funeral process, now have pelted stones at the residence in front of the police. It is to be noted that Sunny Gupta, was murdered in Patna, Bihar. He was shot over a dispute regarding lockdown restrictions between the local youths and the NCC cadets.

The video has been widely shared on social media,


This particular post. probably the first Fake one by Peeihu Suraj Sonkar has got over 6K shares and has been viewed for over 47K times.




Soon a lot of them starting posting and sharing the video,







The video is recent but from Pakistan, Not India

The viral video has claimed that the stone pelting was happening in front of the Police.

We scanned the video and found a policeman standing there, and by the clues from the caption of the video uploaded on Twitter by the Pakistani Journalist, he mentions Hyderabad in the video, which is a city located in the Sindh province of Pakistan. We looked for the uniform of Sindh police, which resembles the uniform of the police in the video.

As we looked more closely into the viral video, we came across a man who walks off, he happens to be in a police uniform with a cap, which matches the uniform of the Sindh Police. 



After doing a Google Reverse Image Search of the screenshots of the viral video. It led us to a Twitter video uploaded by Pakistani Journalist Bilal Farooqi,


He uploaded the video on 23 April 2020, and captioned the video as, “Activists of banned sectarian outfit #SipaheSahaba/#ASWJ in SITE Hyderabad hurl stones at the house of a man accusing him of committing blasphemy. They also shout “Shia Kafir” & police as usual appear helpless & eventually book the man. Report & video via Zawar Asghar Ali Baloch.”



The video was also tweeted by an account named, ‘Counter Propaganda Division’, they uploaded the video on 24th April 2020 and captioned it as,Shias in #Pakistan are targeted in every corner. This is how SipahaeSiaba #ASWJ activists vandalise and threaten a Shia community in Hyderabad..@ImranKhanPTI@fawadchaudhry will you speak against this minority abuse.”



It led us to a Facebook video, which was uploaded on 24th April 2020, the video is shared by a Pakistani Facebook account, ‘Hazara Quetta News’, with the caption, “گھر میں حضرت عباس کا علم لگانا جرم بن گیا۔۔ کونسا مذھب اس شدت پسندى کا رواج عام کر رہا ہے؟؟؟؟” (Translation: It became a crime to spread the word of Hazrat Abbas at home. Which religion is spreading the practice of extremism ????)



To make things more clear, the viral post claims that the stone pelters created havoc by pelting stones at Sunny Gupta’s house days after pelting stones at his funeral procession as well, keeping that in mind we searched for media reports for the incident.

We came across a news report by Zee News, which was uploaded on 27th April 2020, where the reporter had gone to Sunny Gupta’s house to speak to the relatives and show the area where he was shot dead in the scuffle. The media report also mentions how stones were pelted at his funeral procession.

In the news report, the reporter talks to the family and shows around the area where Mr. Gupta was murdered. We saw the viral video and the news report side by side.

We also found a newspaper report by ‘Dainik Jagran’ Patna Edition.


1. This is the Gupta residence in the image, which is up for sale now,



While below is the screenshot of people pelting stones at a house in the viral video,


2. As we looked more, the Zee News reporter showed around the Gupta residence and the area where the incident took place,


And below is the screenshot of the area around in the viral video,



3. This is again an image from the media report, of the area around where the incident took place, 


And below is the screenshot from the video that has been viral,



The uniforms in both frames most certainly, also do not resemble the uniform of the Indian Police.

It is now quite evident that the Gupta residence and the area around where stones were pelted at Sunny Gupta’s funeral do not match or resemble the area and the house where people are pelting stones at in the viral video.

The area and the locality as shown in the media report by Zee News makes it clear that it is congested and there are a lot of houses in the locality. While, in the viral video, the area looks open and there are not a lot of houses to be seen and the area almost looks barren. 

Although we could not confirm where and when the viral video was shot and what was the exact situation, it is clear that the video is not of people pelting stones at the Gupta residence.

Therefore, the claims that the people are still pelting stones at the house are completely false and the video has no relation. 

Rhea Binoy

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