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A set of old photo of an honor killing with an inter-faith wedding card is viral with Fake “Love Jihad” angle.

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Pictures of a wedding card displaying the names of the bride and groom from different religious faiths is viral along with a picture of a dead body and a photo of a girl wearing a pink dress. These three images are being heavily circulated on various social media platforms claiming that the two pictures are of the same girl (dead and alive) whose name is printed on the wedding card.

It has been claimed and suggested by all the account that have shared these three images that this was a case of typical Love Jihad in which the Hindu girl first married a Muslim man and later she was found dead.


Twitter users shared the images relating them with each other and solidifying a love jihad and communal crime angle. They alleged that Hindu girl Prerna Vyas was mudered and this was the end result of marrying a Muslim man. The hashtag #LoveJihad was used in every post on twitter.

A twitter handle by the name “Lekhika” who claims to be a journalist for a TV Channel Sudarshan News tweeted and had more than 3000 retweets, but deleted now


A twitter account by the name of The_Nakum which has above 7000 followers tweeted this post.

He posted two pictures one of a wedding card and another of a dead body with the text

प्रेरणा व्यास ने लव जिहाद का आखिरी पड़ाव पास कर ही लिया । “मौत

Translation:  Prerna Vyas finally passed the terminal stage of Love Jihad. ” Death”

He got more than 350 retweets on his tweet.

Another tweeter user named दिव्यांशु पचौरी एबीवीपी who claims to be a member of ABVP and has above 27k (thousand) followers on twitter share the following tweet. He got 94 retweets on his post.

Twitter hanlde वकील साहिबा who has got nearly 20,000 followers on the platform also shared a similar post. The post got above 200 Retweets.


माया यादव who describes herself as a member of Bjp in haryana shared the same images with the viral text which was mentioned earlier.

A similar post of the images with a different caption from this tweeter user got 73 Retweets.


Several pages and genuine accounts shared the set of 2 or 3 pictures along with viral text or claims of a Love-Jihad killing of a hindu girl. A facebook page called हिन्दू समाज पार्टी, भारत with a following of 17,000 and 15,000 likes shared the following post which got 433 shares on the social media platform.

Another page which goes by the name of Today media which has above 7000 likes shared this on their feed.

Here are some others who shared the alleged and rumoured Love- Jihad related images.


The Viral images on Whatsapp were the same from twitter and facebook. The Viral Text along with pictures was also found to be matching with the one on twitter and fb.

प्रेरणा व्यास ने लव जिहाद का आखिरी पड़ाव पास कर ही लिया । “मौत

Translation :  Prerna Vyas finally passed the terminal stage of Love Jihad. ” Death”


The viral images are not related at all, the dead body is of a Muslim girl who was killed 2 years ago in a case of honour killing by her own father 2 years ago in West Bengal. 

SMHoaxSlayer team found in their investigation that Love Jihad angle in the case of these viral pictures was found to be completely fabricating. The two pictures and in some cases three pictures habe been found completely unrelated and from their sources have been found different as well. These images were deliberately put together to create misinformation and fake Love Jihad angle.

First Image 

We found that the first image was from West Bengal. The dead body which can be spotted in the picture is of a girl named Jahana who was killed and head mutilated by her own father because she was in a relationship with a boy from a different faith. DNA India news website has the story on their website which clearly proves that this case and photograph are two years old. All the events described are of 2018. This was a case of honout killing and not any Love Jihad.

Second Image 

This image of a random wedding card which mentioned named of the bride as Prerna Vyas was linked falsely with the picture of a dead girl who was the victim of an Honour killing. The source of the image is still unkown but it is being used to spread fake news and communal hatred.

This card shows marriage was in 2019 while the girl was killed by her father in 2018.

Third Image 

The girl in the photo is an actress from south, Saumya, The still is from movie Prema Janta and not related to the dead girl.


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Harsh Kashiv

Journalism student and truth seeker.