Priyanka’s edited old photo is viral with crucifix added.

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A Photo of Priyanka Gandhi is viral claiming she use to wear a Mangalsutra but in Kerala, she changed it to crucifix locket.

Text Viral with the image – “माँ गंगा की मंगलसूत्र पहनी हुयी बेटी जब केरल पहुंची तो मंगलसूत्र का डिजाइन बदल लिया ये भारत की जनता को वाकई मूर्ख समझते हैं”

Translation: “The daughter of Mother Ganga who wore a Mangalsutra when reached Kerala changed the design of Mangalsutra. Do they really think Indian citizens are fools ?”

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The photo is fake. The Crucifix has been added digitally. The photo is 2 years old when Priyanka Gandhi went to Raebarelli Event with Rahul Gandhi

Original Pic –

You can watch it in the following video from Official Congress Youtube channel, live streamed in 2017


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