The werewolf shown killed in the viral video is not real, it’s created by an artist.

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A series of images and video of a brutally killed werewolf have been circulating the internet, with numerous claims that they are from Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, and other locations across the world. It shows a scary looking human figure with a face of a wolf.


Several people have shared videos claiming to show a killed werewolf, however the location of the creature’s alleged death has been altered. While some users on social networking sites such as Twitter believe that the werewolf was killed by Pakistani security personnel in Balochistan and Sialkot, other groups allege that the werewolf appeared in Nigeria and Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The werewolf appears to be bleeding and dying in one of the videos, and a siren can be heard in the distance.






It’s an artwork, not a real creature.

The realistic looking werewolf that was “killed” in various locations across the globe was created by Rob Cobasky, a SFX artist for a movie.

We found Joseph-Rob Cobasky’s Instagram account, a freelance sculpting artist who focuses on special effects (SFX). He’s the one behind the realistic-looking werewolf photos and videos that can be found all over the internet.


All of the viral photos and videos, as well as many more works by him, were available on his Instagram account, all of which appeared to be incredibly realistic and detailed.


Tremulous Motion Pictures, a television and film production studio headquartered in Los Angeles and Orlando, Florida revealed in a tweet that the werewolf was created by Rob Cobasky, Director of Practical Effects for a film titled “Unsanctified,” that is yet to be released.


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Is that a strange creature or an alien ?


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Suramya Sunilraj

Suramya Sunilraj is a student at the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.