A Photoshopped ‘Photo of the Century’ of Super Blue Moon !

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Just as predicted by all, the view of Super Blue Moon really was beautiful, and yes we all did witness something which happens only once in 152 years. We all tried our best to capture the moment, cellphone, DSLR and whatever we had and from all the possible angles, objects etc. When we all were feeling great about our shots, a photo claiming “Photo of the Century” came by and ruined our moment, but yes this was beautiful, BLue Moon caught in India Gate.

People drooled over the photo, it became viral but it came out to be fake, photoshopped.

Sheikh Junaid tweeted it and had 3239 Retweets. Ironically is bio reads
| Working with   Jammu And Kashmir India

And one more journalist (as her bio says) also Tweeted the fake photo who received 2700 Retweets.

Actress Bhairavi Goswami who believes in WhatsApp and posts fakes also posted


The Photo is posted by Photographer Shobhit Khatter who claims “PS – These are two different pictures. The moon is super imposed. Both images clicked by me.”

So he claims he super imposed the photos and both are different.

Now the question arises why should his claim be taken as proof ?
So let’s dwell into some forensics.

ELA (Error Level Analysis) of a photo shows inverted colors which makes it easier to find the quality and resolution of the image.

The Left one is ELA of the image by Shobhit Khatter who claims to have taken image. On being contacted yesterday he was ready to give the original highest resolution images too.

The ELA shows smooth sky and less noise on the image.

Source of Left –

The right ELA is of the viral image being tweeted by all and on WhatsApp also. It’s full of noises from sky to the India Gate which clears the low quality of the image.

Source of RIght –

In case tweet deleted –

So this comparison of ELAs of both parties makes Shiobhit a hands down winner and proves his claim to be owner of the photo true.

A Same such Hoax took place on Diwali last year where a Creative guy posted a photo of Lanterns flying over Golden Temple claiming it as a wish, a fantasy, while people made it viral thinking it to be real, even celebrities like Amitabh Bachhan fell for it.

This absolute heaven at Golden Temple is achieved by Photoshop.

More Fakes –

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