Have you been eating poison ? Is Lays chips made of plastic ?

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As time passes by even the level of panic mode is touching new lows.
A video is viral in which a man is demonstrating an experiment with Lays Chips.
He takes out a chip and burns it on gas flames. The chip catches fire and burns.
The man declares that since the chip caught fire it’s made of tonnes of plastic, and people immediately push share button, video gets viral.

Either the man who made this is moron (highly unlikely) or he made this just to test if it becomes viral considering people’s mind and he did succeed.

Given the experiment can be done at home without any special requirement, I also tried the same on two items yesterday night.
– A homemade banana chip
– Monaco Biscuits which we have been eating since childhood.

The result came out the same in both the cases as the Lays chip. Both burnt. Watch and share this video –

Let’s think again about the video
1. The Chip caught fire but then every other such edible item does
2. If it was really plastic, wouldn’t it melt, why stay solid ?
3. If it was really plastic, how exactly we chew it and it is digested ?

Look at this post with mind boggling 1230 Shares


See the reply of the Fake video poster to the people with brain

People with Common Sense –

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2 thoughts on “Have you been eating poison ? Is Lays chips made of plastic ?

  • Judith Rickards

    I just lit a chip and it burned just like plastic. Lays company should not be tricking people like this in order to make money. Potatoes are not suppose to burn

  • Tammy King

    Best test is to take the oil the chips are fried in and see if that burns as Lays Chips are heavily saturated with oil right out of the sealed bags they’re packaged in.

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