Photoshop even on a Movie scene to spread Hatred.

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Politics, as we know in India, is powerful. A Former IPS Officer Yogesh Pratap Singh tried to portray the relations of Police and Politics in his movie “Kya Yahi Sach Hai” released on 30th Dec 2011.

For last few years a a photo from the movie is viral on Social Media, few even claims it to be from real life.

But yesterday, a congress supporter Twitter Handle @faridapatel went a step further, morphed Photo of Home Minister Rajnath Singh from BJP on the face of actor playing minister in this photo.

“केन्द्रीय गृहमंत्रालयमे वरिष्ठ पुलिस अफसर के साथ होता है ये सुलूक..”

Quoted by Sanjay Jha –


@zurohit queried if it’s genuine or not.


SMHoaxSlayer Tweeted claiming it to be wrong, when fake tweets were hardly 30, but had great potential to spread which actually ended up crossing up 100 retweets, but later @faridapatel deleted the tweet

But her tweet is saved and you can see it by clicking here


And later on being caught, the handle @faridapatel ultimately blocked SMHoaxSlayer

You can see entire movie here





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Spread the truth:

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