For spreading hatred changing a mob’s religion and their slogans !

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A Video is shared by many showing a mob protesting, shouting slogans and burning an effigy while police is standing around and suddenly an elderly sikh barge in with a sword and mob vanishes.

The fake news spreaders are using this text for it

“Some Indian Muslims gathered in Punjab burning National Flag & doing Bharat haay haay Pakistan zindabad. Police was helpless. But.. but.. one sardar just one ran to scare them with a sword…And all of them vanished. ”

Mr. Sushil Kedia accepted the mistake politely and clarified, even deleted the wrong tweet. click on image below to see saved tweet


Mr. Mahendra Jain – Deleted his tweet yesterday when told the truth, click on image below for saved tweet


And there are many on Twitter, Facebook etc. you can see them in the end of this article

Also check this link for the list who are spreading this fake news on Facebook –


This was a protest by Shiv Sena against Jarnail Bhindrawale and were shouting “Atankwaad Hai Hai” in the favor of country.
It’s pretty strange how did they find Indian Tricolor Flag and heard Bharat Hai Hai, or is it intentional lie ?

Complete Video from June 2017 –


The Hindustan Times Says –
Right-wing leader Sudhir Kumar Suri, who burnt effigy of slain militant preacher Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale on 33rd anniversary of Operation Bluestar, was arrested by police on Sunday for allegedly hurting religious sentiments.

Suri, president of Shiv Sena Hindustan, was arrested from his Shivala Colony house around 11.00 am. 

He has been booked under sections 153-A , 295-A, 148 and 149 (unlawful assembly) of the IPC. On June 6, Suri and his aides staged protest at the Ghah Mandi Chowk and burnt Bhindranwale’s effigy. He is also accused of making objectionable remarks against ‘nihangs’.

The complaint was filed by Sikh Students Federation (SSF) leader Amarbir Singh Dhot.

Tension had prevailed in the holy city on June 6 and 7 and a clash between the two communities was averted after timely intervention by police.”

Another Source from that Month –

Fake ones –
















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