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Christians in the US due to Corona didn’t come out on the streets to pray to Allah.

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Claim: A video has been going viral on various social media platforms, the message attached to the viral clip states that its a video of Christians in America who came out to the streets and prayed to Allah due to the fear of the Corona virus.

The caption attached with the viral claim reads as follow:

“कोरोना वायरस के डर से अमेरिका में क्रिश्चन लोग सड़क पर निकल कर कलमा-ए-तकबीर जोर जोर से पढ़ रहे है । इस वीडीओ को खूब शेयर करें I”

Translation: “Due to fear of corona virus, the Christian people in America are reading the kalma-E-takbeer loudly by leaving the road. Share this video a lot.”


The video has been shared and viewed multiple times on Facebook.








Few people have shared the same claim on Twitter as well.








The viral claim is false.

Upon conducting relevant key frame search and key word search, it was found that the video is not from America but Germany. The video is of a Protest against oppression of Uighurs which took place at Hamburg, Germany.  The viral video was found on YouTube on 13th and 14th January, 2020. Various German publications have reported about the rally on their websites. According to reports around 2,000 people assembled in Hamburg-St.Georg for a demonstration against the oppression of the Uighur ethnic group in China.

The video is doing rounds for the second time with a false claim. Upon reverse image search, it was found that the same video was doing rounds on social media with the claim that it is of people praying on streets of Italy due to the corona virus. AFP fact checked the same and found it was a false claim.

Hence, it is a video of a protest before Corona virus was even detected in the US. It is one of the many fake news where unrelated video is attached with claims about corona to cause panic amidst the public.


Attached below are the videos found on YouTube. It is the same video that has been going viral with the false claim on social media. The video description of the first video translates that it was taken in Hamburg, Germany and the second video’s description translates to “11.01.2020 Uyghur demo in Hamburg”.

Source: MB ilYasse


Source: fin fortigro


This is a another video of the same protest.

Source: Zahid Akhtar


Hamburg-based publication, NDR published the report about the protest on January 11, 2020. Attaching below the screenshot and link of the article.

Source: NDR


Attached below is the screenshot and link of the other false claim debunked by AFP.

Source: AFP

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