Taking anesthesia after covid-19 vaccine jab doesn’t threaten your life.

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There is a post getting viral on the WhatsApp university, stating that a person can’t take anesthesia after the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

Claim: Anyone who receives the Covid-19 vaccine is prohibited from taking any anesthesia as this poses an extreme risk to the life of the vaccinated individual. 

Viral Text“Anyone who has been vaccinated against coronavirus is prohibited aganst taking any type of anaesthetic, even a local anaesthetic or one from the dentist, as this poses an extreme risk to the life of the vaccinated person and is highly dangerous. There is a possibility of death. Therefore a vaccinated person must wait four weeks after vaccination and, if he has a reaction, four weeks before he can administer the anaesthetic after producing antibodies,” read the post.”


This misleading information is being circulated on social media sites namely twitter and Whatsapp.






The post was even posted on twitter by people as a message, as they fell prey to fake news and believed that the information is true. But few people were mentally active enough to question the claim.



The claim is misleading in nature.

When we cross-checked we didn’t find any manufacturers of the vaccine passing on any information or warning on the same. No prohibitions were given for taking any kind of anesthesia after the Vaccine jab. There are no pieces of evidence or case proving that the vaccine shot turns anesthesia into poison and individuals had any side effects due to it. In addition to the same, there are no deaths reported due to anesthesia taken after the Covid-19 vaccination.

The Head of Epidemiology and Communicable diseases at ICMR Dr. Samiran Panda has claimed that there is no scientific proof to claim that it is life-risking to take anesthesia after the vaccine. Dr. Panda in an online interview has cleared that the vaccine is safe to use and has been encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Malaysian Society of Anaesthesiologists and College of Anaesthesiologists an Academy of Medicine in Malaysia, in a press conference conveyed that propagating and believing such misleading information adversely affects the patients waiting to undergo surgery. As they poses the fear for the negative effects of Anesthesia due to covid vaccine and even give rise to misconceptions for rhe covid vaccine and its effectiveness.



When the post went viral media organization’s took the responsibility to cross-check the same and found that the claim is fake and misleading. The PIB too has given up information on the claim and declared it as fake news.


Will Anaesthetic Kill People Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

The information circulated on WhatsApp became viral thus creating doubt in their mind. People tend to believe the information they receive from Whatsapp and fall prey to such fake news.

Chinmai Tiwari

Spread the truth:

Chinmai Tiwari

Journalism student of Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, here to debunk the fake and reveal the truth.