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A ragging incident of Sri Lanka passed off as Hindus harassing Muslim women in India.

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A new video is in circulation on the internet. In the video, it can be seen that a bunch of men is throwing buckets of water on burkha-clad women. The women in order to avoid getting drenched are frantically running on the streets, trying to get away from the miscreants. This video was posted under the pretext that Hindus in India are harassing the Muslim minority in the country.

One of them is Zaid Hamid, who posted the video on Friday from his Twitter handle (@ZaidZamanHamid). The video is captioned “Bloody “goodwill gesture”… Told you we have an evil and unscrupulous savage enemy….who have no respect for human dignity, honor of our women or children…. This is a normal day in India… Let the bloody pilot go back …then see how low they will sink….”

This video has received over 2.3K retweets and 3.6K likes.


The video is also available on Facebook under the same caption. It has received over 86 views.

The video is also available on Facebook captioned “RSS groups torchering muslim college girls.” The video has received over 6.3K views and 330 shares.

The Truth

The video was originally posted on 23rd February this year on Facebook by Mohamed Sarjoon under the caption which translates to “#Learning in the east university of Sri Lanka
(Eastern University of srilanka) #please has gone without a size for the day of the students (ragging), when I see the wildest feelings of these people, there are thousands of questions in me who have given the permission to make these students like this. I don’t want to be able to make this kind of m sisters joke and teasing
Brother, this is the time for the injustice and the atrocities that have been unleashed by the Muslim people only.
(after the war) we have been taḷḷāṭik here…
How long do we have to keep wandering, listen to your conscience and return the mistake, it doesn’t make it right. The male and the lady stay away from the bad things of the lady. All of you are watching the guards of the lady. Those who are there, protect yourself.
#Will do without saying #periyar
Will say #small
He did the saying #______________”


This is a video of an incident of ragging and harassment in Eastern University Sri Lanka.

Online Ceylon, a local Tamil news website in Sri Lanka also reported on the incident. The article talks about the controversial side of the incident and that a few students have claimed that the incident did not happen.

கிழக்கு பல்கலைக்கழகத்தில் முஸ்லிம் மாணவிகள் மீது தண்ணீர் ஊற்றி பகிடிவதை – வீடியோ

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