Old video of women escaping a raid in Karachi is viral as lockdown violation in India

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With lockdown extended in India, a lot of fake news related to it is being circulated. Another such lockdown violation video has become viral on Facebook. In that video a few women can be seen climbing down a complex, with the claim being that they came shopping during the lockdown.


A video of few women wearing burkha can be seen escaping from a complex, the following video is being shared with the claim that these women came for shopping amidst the lockdown in Kanpur.

The video is being shared with the following caption-

Aaj ki taza khabar yeh aourton ko shopping ke baghair mout ajaty, lock down mein police ne owner ko baher karke showroom ko lock kardiye, lekin yeh ladies uper store mein chup gayee thi baad mein balcony se tamasha dekho, musalman sudhar nahi sakta hai. Yeh kanpur ka hai video.


Today’s breaking news, these women can’t live without shopping. During the lockdown, the cops locked the showroom but these women hid in the store room upstairs. Muslims can never mend their ways. This video is from Kanpur.

The following video was uploaded by ‘Adil Khan’ on May 4th and garnered 304 views and 11 shares.

This video was uploaded by ‘Md Nasim Akhtar’ on 4th May and has 1.1k views and 46 shares.

The following video was widely shared on Facebook.


The viral video 5 years old and the incident shown happened in Pakistan and has no relation to Kanpur or Lockdown in India.

Upon breaking the video in fragments with Invid and doing Google reverse image search the video was traced back to a Reddit thread from 2 days ago.

One of the comments included a youtube link.

The following video was posted on Youtube on 30th June 2015 by ‘PAKISTAN’s CURRENT AFFAIRS’ channel and garnered more than 52k views.

Another reverse search traced back to a video uploaded by DailyMotion. The video credited the video to a Pakistani News channel- ‘Ary News

Both the videos have the same caption which is- Sex workers fleeing after FIA(Federal Investigation Agency) raid in Karachi.

At 2:09 minutes into the video a faint voice of a man can be heard saying “Chappa pada tha FIA ka” meaning- FIA raided the place.

Further more the shops that can be seen in the video as per Google Maps, both stores are located in Khadda market, Karachi.

The following shops are adjacent to each other in the video.

The google street view of the similar place confirms that this location is indeed in Karachi, Pakistan.

This fake news was also busted by Webqoof and Altnews.

The final conclusion is that the video is not from the lockdown period in india but is a five year old video from Karachi, Pakistan.

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Avani Pai

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