The viral image of an injured women is 3 year old and is not from India

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A picture of an injured woman is viral on social media with the following caption

“केरल में ईसाई मिशनरीयो और जिहादियों का आतंक अब इतना बढ़ चुका है कि हिन्दुओ को पूजा अर्चना और अपने धार्मिक रीती रिवाज़ो को पूरा करने का अधिकार भी छिना जा रहा है..!

इस दलित आदिवासी महिला को कुछ लोगो ने सिर्फ इसलिए बुरी तरह पीटा इसके कपड़े फाड़ दिए क्यों की ये पूजा कर रही थी..!!”

The translation of this caption says

“The terror of Christian missionaries and jihadis in Kerala has increased so much that Hindus are losing their right to worship and fulfill their religious rituals ..!

This Dalit tribal woman was beaten up badly by some people and they tore her clothes because she was worshiping .. !!”

Claim: The viral picture is claimed to be of Dalit women from Kerala who was beaten by Christian missionaries and jihadists in order to stop her from worshipping.


Facebook :




























This is a 3 year old photo from Bangladesh.

With the help of keyword searches during the course of our investigation, we found that this picture was also viral in 2018 on different social media platforms.











With the help of keyframes identified in the reverse image search, we found this image embedded in a Facebook page’s post.

The date of publishing this post on the page shows 8th October 2017 which clearly indicates that it is an old post.






















The text along with this image is in Bangla and with the help of google translate we got the English translation of the text in the post which says “The woman was identified as Panchbala Karmakar, a permanent resident of Uttar Jaldi village under Banshkhali police station in Chittagong district. The helpless and poor old woman was severely injured by Pradeep Ghosh, an influential neighbor, and her son Biswajit Ghosh in a pre-planned manner. As a result, his condition is critical. There is no one to treat and serve him. Please share.”

With the help of google search, we found that the city of Chittagong exists in Bangladesh and not in India.

Therefore in our investigation, we found that the claims made on this image are not true.

Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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