A poster of Majid Majidi’s 2015 movie ‘Muhammad’ is viral after editing it in a derogatory way.

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An edited image looking like a poster of a movie named “Muhammad” is viral with misleading messages.


Following tweet has been retweeted by approx 800 people

The photo is shared along with the claim in Hindi –  “जब ट्रेलर ऐसा है तो फिल्म कैसी होगी?

Translation: When this is the trailer, what will the film be?








The image is morphed, made combining two different photos.

The main/background image is a poster of the great director Majid Majidi’s 2015, Oscar Nominated (for foreign films, from Iran) Film “Muhammad”

First (Background)


Following Image, a man reading Namaaz with his daughter is added on the the poster above.

The photo was taken by a photographer Omar Shekhoo

Below is another photo from the same location but different angle where the girl can be seen with her father and other kids with their elders too –


Kids usually play/enjoy themselves when their elders pray. A similar video was taken



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