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Old video of Saffron flags viral with false claims

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In response to the “Hindu” fruit shop banner removed by the Jamshedpur police on 25th April, the social media not so later went viral with a video which claims that Jamshedpur residents have put up saffron flags on their rooftops.


A video which shows saffron flags put up on various houses is going viral on Facebook and Twitter with the claim that the residents of Jamshedpur put those flags up in response to the ‘Hindu Fruit Shop’ banner being removed from some fruit shops.


The following video was posted on Facebook with the following caption-

remember how the Jharkhand Police had harrassed the poor fruit sellers who put saffron Flag on their vegetable carts and fruit shops?
NOW, residents of Jamshedpur have put up Saffron Flags atop their rooftops. Bhagwa flags are flying high and proud all over the city as a mark of public defiance.
Congratulations Jharkhand police. Let this be a good lesson for ya.


This video was posted by a Facebook page ‘वन्दे मातरम्’ (Vande Mataram) on 30th April and has 408 views.


This post was also shared by ‘Shailu Sharma’ on 29th April and has over 4k shares.


This video was widely tweeted on Twitter


This video was shared on April 30th under the account ‘#Jayanta Bhattacharya’ and has 70.5k views and 22 retweets.


This was shared by ‘Rosy’ on 30th April and has 1.1k views and 79 retweets.


The place showed is this video is not Jamshedpur but is Nava Bandar, a coastal village in Gujarat. Also this video dates back to April 2nd, way before the fruit shop incident of Jamshedpur.

In the video uploaded by ‘Shailu Sharma’ a username of a TikTok account can be seen.

The following TikTok account (mitesh.makwana.hindu) posted this video various times on TikTok.


♬ jay jay sri ram bolega… – kajal tiwari


This video was posted on 2nd April, way before the fruit stall incident in Jamshedpur.

On searching this TikTok account, it was also revealed that this man resides at Nava Bandar, a coastal village in Gujarat. The lighthouse visible in the viral video (at 9 sec) can also be found in different videos posted on this same account.

A same lighthouse can be found on this website about coastlines of India- Click here

Also Jamshedpur not having a coastline doesn’t have a lighthouse. Hence this is an old video that has become viral now with false claims. This video became viral after the Jamshedpur police remived banner from fruit stalls that said “Hindu Fruit Shop”.




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