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An old Venezuela’s video of beheading, is added to an UP’s video of a Muslim mob beating a man suggesting they killed him

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A video is viral on WhatsApp which shows a mob pulling down a man off his bike and dragging him inside followed by a gruesome video of a man’s beheading.

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This viral video is edited, made up of two different, unrelated parts. The first part from UP, May 2021, while the second gruesome beheading video is from Venezuela, 2018

Addition of the second, beheading video suggests, the man was dragged inside by a Muslim mob and was beheaded but actually he wasn’t. The man, although held and beaten, was saved by Police after two men who escaped dialed 112 and informed the police.

First Part – May 21, Uttar Pradesh

First video has Sudarshan News logo which we found was tweeted by an unverified but claiming to be it’s official Muzzafarnagar Handle to which Muzzafarnagar Police also replied that they have noted the incident and were working on it.


In May 2021 the first part was viral wrongly claimed as from West Bengal which was debunked by The Quint.

They contacted the Investigating Officer of the case, Sanjay Raghav, who told us that the brawl happened in Sikri village recently.

He said that the lineman had gone to Sikri to fix a faulty electrical line, but refused to repair a cable inside a residence without the Electrical Board’s Junior Engineer’s (JE) permission.

“This enraged the residents and led to the clash. We have registered a case at Bhopa police station and the accused would soon be arrested. The lineman has been identified as one Anuj Kumar. There is no communal angle to the incident rather it was a personal matter.” – Sanjay Raghav, Investigating Officer, Bhopa police.
You can also read the incident reported by Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran
This was also reported by a local website – Circle

Second Part – 2018, Venezuela

This video shows a man with a cloth tied up via his mouth, being beheaded by a machete. Since the video is disturbing we are not including it here.

The DailyMail reported in February 2018 –

“Terrified boy, 13, has his ears sliced off before brutal execution by Venezuelan cartel as country’s spiral into violence continues

  • Horrifying video shows young boy being tortured then executed in Venezuela 
  • Man can be heard talking about a house and money before the boy is butchered 
  • Boy was likely a victim of the ‘megabandas’, crime gangs formed in the country’s violent prisons which specialise in kidnapping, extortion and targeted killings
  • Six people per week are killed by contracted killers in Venezuela, figures show 

Image Source – Dailymail

This is the horrifying moment a young Venezuelan boy is tortured before being executed by one of the country’s ruthless gangs.

Sickening video, which is not being published by Mail Online, shows the boy tied up with a gang in his mouth while his tormentors talk about money and a house.

Brandishing a knife, a man then steps forward and slices the boy’s ears off before delivering several brutal blows to his neck with a heavy machete, killing him.

It is thought the boy was a victim of one of the country’s ‘megabandas’, criminal gangs formed in the violent jail system which specialise in kidnapping, extortion and targeted killings. 

The video came to light after being published by, which attributed to the killed to one of the gangs. 

Source – Dailymail


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