A Fake WhatsApp Audio Claming PM Modi Singing Katyayani Mantra

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A fake audio message of a man singing Katyayani Mantra has been taking rounds on Whatsapp claiming it to be sung by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This audio message is accompanied with a text message “*Katyayani Mantra* sung by Hon’ble *Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi !* invoking Shakti for the Nation. Never imagined PM had such an impressive Voice Unbelievable.”

The post above was shared on facebook a couple of months back with the same misleading message as shared with the audio on WhatsApp.

A recently shared post on facebook stating the same message.


A video was found on youtube when the viral message which accompanied the audio was inserted, which further told us that it was uploaded on February 4, 2019 which also claimed the same false information.

Click here to check out the video on youtube.

Screenshot of the comment section below the Youtube video







On further investigation we came across comments under this video and found viewers claiming that the Mantra was not voiced by the Prime Minister but instead it was sung by an All India Radio artist Jithendra Singh. Further we also found the same audio when searched with the name of the artist on Youtube.

This video was uploaded by All India Radio on September 25, 2017.

A tweet by the Prime Minister was also found with him sharing a link to the same audio on soundcloud.


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