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The viral photo of an IAF chopper showering flowers on laborers is fake.

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A viral image of migrant laborers walking on the road and an IAF chopper showering flowers on them is viral on social media platforms.

Twitter :

Shashi Tharoor who is a member of parliament from Thiruvananthpuram Kerala retweeted this picture along with a comparative picture from his verified Twitter handle.


Raju Parulekar a journalist also tweeted the same pic.

Archive: http://archive.is/r2CaP


Mayur Puri who is an Indian screenwriter, lyricist, actor, and film-maker also tweeted this picture from his Twitter handle. He even wrote that whoever clicked this picture deserves a prize too.


Whatsapp :

Claim: The image claims to be of migrant laborers returning back to their native place and air force helicopter is showering flowers on them as a gratitude for respect.




This image is not from 3rd May 2020. While the choppers image is 2 years old, the laborers traveling on foot is a month old.

While the people who tweeted this photo has justified

The truth is that this whole image is photoshopped and made up of combining the two images. When we cropped the image into two images and after doing a thorough reverse image and keyword search we got the following results.

The editing can easily be observed from the red rectangle, how the sky and clouds are matched forcibly


Image 1:

This image is 2 years old, the chopper was showering petals on Rajpath on 69th Republic Day














This picture is an old picture published in an article on Deccan Chronicle dated 26th January 2018.













Image 2 :












This image is an old file image that had been used by many media houses in their reports since the coronavirus outbreak in India. This outbreak led to the return of the migrant laborers to their native places.


















Source: NDTV


A similar Photoshop was viral 2 years ago, showing a poor family eating on the roads in contrast to Sardar Patel’s enormous statue.

An edited image of Sardar Patel statue is viral.


Therefore in our investigation, it was found that the viral image is a combination of two different insignificant images who were just edited for some illustrative purpose but it was widely shared as a picture from the flypast done by Indian Air Force on 3rd May 2020. The claims made on this image were found to be incorrect.

Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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