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Indira Gandhi addressed Jawans in Leh in the viral photo not Galwan Valley as claimed by Congress handles.

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A black and white photo of Ex-PM Late Indira Gandhi addressing a crowd of soldiers with mountains in background is viral on social media claimed to be from Galwan Valley
Viral Text इंदिरा गांधी जी गलवान वैली में सैनिकों के साथ।


Offical Twitter handle of Congress from Uttar Pradesh –
इंदिरा गांधी जी गलवान वैली में सैनिकों के साथ।


Srivatsa (Congressman | Politics | Karnataka | ಕನ್ನಡ | Patriot | Former Karnataka Congress Social Media Head | National Campaign in-charge of Youth Congress) quoted a tweet –


Official Handle of Indian Youth Congress tweeted


Pawan Khera retweeted a tweet

Congress MLA, MP, Praveen Pathak tweeted –


Alka Lamba quoted a tweet


Added on 29th June 20, Tweet by Manish Tiwari



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Ramniwas Rawat posted on his verified Facebook Page –



A website “humsamvet” posted


The photo  is from 1971, Ex-PM Late Indira Gandhi addressing soldiers in Leh, not Galwan Valley

Galwan is not part of Leh

Above image source – The Hindu

Galwan Valley is more than 200 Km/more than 6 hours drive from Leh

Google Map shows

On reverse image search, after using the filter custom date “Till 2019” we found a websiteart-sheep” claiming it from Leh

We We

We tried many other sources but finally found in Press Trust of India photo archives


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