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Old photo of a sex racket is viral claimed as recent, arrested women victims of love jihad.

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A photo with women covering their faces is viral claimed as victims of love jihad, where the jihadists sold these girls off.
Tweet’s Text – “छत्तीसगढ़ पुलिस ने पिछले 7 माह से लापता 46 युवतियों को अलग अलग प्रदेशो से खोज निकाला। अधिकतर युवतियां प्रेम प्रसंग के तहत गायब हुई थी या यूं कहें कि लव जिहाद की शिकार हुई थी और इनको जिहादियों ने रकम लेकर बेच दिया था। पुलिस मामले की जांच कर रही है, कई खुलासे होने की संभावना है।”






This photo and news is more than a year old. Police raided a spa in Raipur in April 2018 and arrested 10 women for sex racket.

Police raided Diaaz Spa in Colors Mall in Raipur and sealed it.Most of the women arrested are from Sikkim. One more Spa named Fragrance spa was raided and women were found.

This sex racket was was reaching out for business via WhatsApp. It used to send photos of the women as soon as some sends a message to their number on WhatsApp.

Diaaz Spa’s Manager was Lookesh Patel while Fragnance Spa’s manager was VanMali Soni

So neither is this recent, nor is any communal angle involved.



Video of the same raid



Further, this twitter handle Pushpendra Kulshresthawith twitter handle Nationalist_OM, on the contrary to his/her bioTruth always win so speak the truth, however bitter it may be.” mostly posts Fake News spreading communal hatred.

His/her earlier Fake news that we debunked –

This viral video is neither from India, nor the victim’s religion is different then the mob’s.


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