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Did the Traffic Signal cross the road in Mumbai ?

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A video is viral showing a Traffic Signal light floating on water due to heavy rains on road.

Vivek Agnihotri, a Film director asked Mumbai Police a question. He tweeted this video along with the question
Hello Traffic Police of Mumbai, How much fine if the signal crosses the road?


“And that’s how you cross a road!And that’s how you cross a road! In a recent video, a traffic signal is seen to be floating in the heavy flow of rain water in Mumbai and the netizens can’t stop talking about it!

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This video was viral last year also


The video is certainly not from India as from the Shop hoardings to stickers on scooter, all are in Chinese or similar script.



Sticker on the scooter

Most Importantly the registration number of the Scooter is also not in Indian Format

Many are wondering how can light still be on when it’s floating. The reason probably is the light works on Solar Power, as it’s been topped by Solar Panels


There have been more such incidences in China with exactly same kind of signals last year.



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