Old Image viral as the images of coffins of the soldiers martyred in Handwara, J&K on Saturday

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An image with the claims, of the coffins of the soldiers wrapped in the Indian Flag who were martyred during a counter-terrorist operation in Handwara town in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district late Saturday.

Claim: “कहाँ मर गए हैं वो लोग…..,,*
जो 2 एक्टर के मरने पर स्टेटस,पोस्ट कर के शौक जता रहे थे…,,
तुम्हारे लिए तो करोड़ो कमाने वाला ही हीरो होगा…,,
पर आज हमारे देश के 5 असली हीरो शहीद हो गए….,,
सोचा बता दूँ तुम्हें…..,,”

Translation: “Where are those people, who were posting about the actor’s death, thought of informing you, people, that 5 of our soldiers were martyred today.”


An Indian army colonel, a major and two soldiers, along with a Jammu and Kashmir Police sub-inspector, were martyred in the operation in Kashmir late on Saturday.

The 12-hour operation, which took place at Handwara in Kupwara district, also resulted in the killing of two terrorists, the Indian Army said in a statement.

The image is being widely shared over social media.


The image is being widely circulated over Facebook, this particular post has over 2000 shares.




Soon, a lot of people started sharing the images with the same captions or without



The image has been widely circulated on Twitter as well,


It was shared by a lot of people



As we looked closely at the image, we could notice that there are only four coffins of the soldiers, whereas there are five soldiers of the army who were martyred.


Upon doing a Google Reverse Image of the viral image, it led to various Facebook posts.

The picture was uploaded by a Facebook page named, “भारत के वीर सैनिक”.

It was uploaded on January 29, 2020, on their page.

The post is archived here.


After scanning more Facebook posts, we came across a post by a page named, ‘Anudeep Durishetty IAS’, which is apparently a fake account of the UPSC CSE 2017 topper.


The image was uploaded on 19th December 2019 on the page.


The post is archived here.

The Twitter handle of Chinar Corps, Indian Army posted a picture on their handle, as the martyred army soldiers were paid homage to, they captioned, “#ArmyCdrNC & all ranks paid homage to Col Ashutosh Sharma, SM**, Maj Anuj Sood, Nk Rajesh Kumar, and L/Nk Dinesh Singh at BB Cantt. The gallant soldiers made #SupremeSacrifice in line of duty at Handwara on 02 May. Deepest condolences to the bereaved families. #Kashmir #IndianArmy”


Therefore, the image is not of the soldiers who martyred fighting terrorists in Handwara town in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district late Saturday. The image is false.

It is to be noted that the image exists on the Internet since 2019.


Rhea Binoy

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