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It was BJP MP Sharad Tripathi, not AAP MLA Sanjay Singh who trashed other with shoes and slaps.

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A video is viral showing verbal violence in a meeting followed by a man taking off his shoe and beating another further followed by slaps and scuffle.

Viral on WhatsApp“Meeting was going on. Sanjay Singh beat his MLA with shoes 👞. Then the same MLA whalloped Sanjay Singh back with another shoe 👞. The people of Delhi have chosen these monkeys. Meanwhile Kejriwal is desperate on making Delhi into a battleground.”


आप पार्टी की मीटिंग चल रही थी और संजय सिंह ने अपने विधायक को जूते से पीटा । उसके बाद उसी विधायक जी ने संजय सिंह को अच्छी तरह जूते से पेला । दिल्ली की जनता ने चुना है इन्हीं बंदरों को राज करने के लिए ।



This is viral on Facebook
Text – Today 06.03.2020
*The broom ( AAP Party) meeting was going on and Sanjay Singh beat the Co- MLA with shoes. After that the same MLA thrashed Sanjay Singh well with shoes. The people of Delhi have chosen to rule these monkeys. On the other hand, Kejriwal is bent on making Delhi Pakistan.



Few have also posted the scuffle is BJP Vs BJP which although is true but misleading as it’s not new, but a year old video



This is a year old video i.e. March 2019 from Uttar Pradesh. The argument was in between BJP MP and BJP MLA about a meeting on foundation stone of a project

Following screenshot from the video taken from different angle, published by Hindustan Times clears most of the facts
1. The date of meeting on banner is 06.03. 2019 i.e. it’s a year old.
2. The name plate of the man who used shoe has Sharad Tripathi written on it.


ANI UP tweeted “#WATCH Sant Kabir Nagar: BJP MP Sharad Tripathi and BJP MLA Rakesh Singh exchange blows after an argument broke out over placement of names on a foundation stone of a project”

You can see the date “06.03.2019” and PM Modi’s photo on the banner in the background


Hindustan Times –

Interview of BJP MP Sharad Tripathi who used the shoe in the fight after the incident



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