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No, These photos of Hindu gods were not burnt during CAA protest.

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A video is viral showing a mob burning photos of Hindu gods claiming to be a part of CAA Protest.

The tweets have been retweeted thousands of times.

Dr. Jayasree Nair, Senior Research Scientist Graduated with a Ph.D in Molecular Biology. 17 years in Cancer Research profession, tweeted the video with following text which by now has been retweeted more that 4800 times.

“Shocking! How dare these fools burn the photos of Hindu Gods & Goddesses in the name of CAA protest? What the hell CAA has to do with Hindus? Their agenda is different & politicians of @INCIndia & @cpimspeak are nurturing this. @PMOIndia@rashtrapatibhvn@VPSecretariat@AmitShah”

BJP National Spokes Person, Mr. Sambit Patra also quoted the above tweet which has been retweeted more than 8600 times till now

This video is shocking …how can any protest have a right to defile the tenets of Hinduism ..who gives them the right to burn the pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddesses ..why should any protest be an Anti-Hindu protest?? Is this is what the Congress & Communists promote?? #Shame


The video is not doctored, clipped though, but is not from CAA protests. The video is more than a year old. This was done by Ambedkar supporters

The following post with same video but a longer one, was posted a year ago



Following is the screenshot comparison of the videos, Now and then,

Viral Now


Posted more than a year ago




Following tweet with same video – 28th Aug 2018

Above truth Source: BoomLive


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