Did Nirav Modi really Photobomb PM’s group photo at Davos ?

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This actually is a long but interesting story so do read till the end.
Republic (Twitter bio says – India’s only independent news venture.) runs a story
“REVEALED: Nirav Modi ‘photobombed’ The CEOs’ Photo Op With The Prime Minister In Davos”

Now let’s move ahead step wise. What exactly is photobombing ?
Photobombing is not Photoshop, nor edited photo but is genuine, real, authentic. So what’s wrong with it then, you may ask?

You click the shutter button, but something unexpected comes in the output i.e something which you didn’t know about, didn’t want too be in the photo. Someone intentionally ruin your photo or something happens naturally.

In fact, there had been movies made on “photobombing”.

1. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)- While taking a regular photo in a park, camera captures a murder in the background.
2. Blow-Up (1966) A mod London photographer finds something very suspicious in the shots he has taken of a mysterious beauty in a desolate park.

Examples –

Ok, so now the chapter of photobombing is over, let’s move on to the finer details

Look at the photo closely which Republic claims to be photobombed by Nirav Modi and all opposition parties are using i to defame PM that he knew about it and took him along. While Republic’s definition of photobombing is far from true, the opposition’s logic fails too. Just having a photo with someone is enough to be part of his wrong doings ?

Ironically in the video, even Republic Journalists are equally puzzled, how did this happen ?

The World Economic Forum happened before the explosion of Nirav Modi’s PNB Loan fraud. With sane mind, if PM Modi knew about it, he would have told the security “Kisi bhi haalat me us chor Nirav ko andar ghusne mat dena” but Nirav did. And yes, before his PNB Loan Scam saw daylight, Nirav Modi was a brand, a successful businessman, popular among elites, so a deserving fellow, you may say, which actually was true then.

Look at the photo, Nirav Modi is well placed, in middle row, second from right. Given the explanation above, would you agree this too is photobombing ? Can someone wearing a suit just walk in a photo ? Is security of our PM so weak ? Everyone is smiling, enjoying the moment, no one seems uncomfortable. Even in weddings the photographer say “Boss thoda left aao, thoda piche jao” which takes few minutes, so in this case also, it might have taken some time and given such elite chosen people participating with PM must be knowing each other and so must have known about Nirav’s presence too.

It’s basically politics, Just one photo/tweet/event/video and everyone use it according to their needs, opposition offends, ruling defends and vice versa.

With another chapter on photo specifics over, let’s move on to THE PROOFS.

Much before Nirav’s PNB Loan scam saw the day light, rather even before the WEF in Davos, Switzerland itself, an Old media house MoneyControl published an article
“WEF 2018: PM Modi to meet Swiss premier at Davos, discuss black money”

Which published a complete list of business leaders attending the event which included Nirav Modi also at 24th Number “Nirav Modi Chairman Firestar Diamond India”

Note: Incase the above article is deleted too, you can read it here – http://archive.is/LUNLV

Further, this wasn’t Nirav Modi’s first time in WEF event, he was picked up and attended WEF 2 years ago with Arun Jaitley . i.e Jan 2016.

Seems now that the story has come to an end, you should know, this is not the first such story by Republic. It had been debunked few times before –

Seems Patrika missed to claim an image exclusive a month back which Republic claims today !

​April photo in public domain which these channles call Undated & Unverified. Seriously ??

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