A morphed image of Hitler compared to Donald Trump with a Bible

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An image comparing the German dictator Adolf Hitler and U.S President Donald Trump has been viral on social media especially Twitter. The image contains both Hitler and Donald Trump having books in their hands. While the image of Donald Trump posing with a Bible was taken after a press conference at the White House on June 1, Hitler can be seen holding a black book (claims are that the book is a Bible) in a similar pose as he addresses a crowd.

The comparison between the two images have become viral with several captions in the Tweets and the post.


An American Actress named Debra Messing tweeted the image of comparison and captioned it saying,”A dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis”. She received around 27.2 thousand likes and around 9.9 thousand retweets.


Several Twitter users have posted the viral image with different captions. A Twitter profile named Trump Crisis tweeted the image with a caption stating, “It’s no coincidence!” This Tweet received around 7.7 thousand likes and 1.4 thousand retweets.


Several other Twitter users have also posted the image with various captions like, “The Hitler I wonder whose bright idea was this to take this photo op? This had to be some cockamamie brainchild of the chief Moron himself, Trump. Nobody……and I mean NOBODY could be THAT STUPID”, To the white Americans who are praising Trump and blindly following him, look at the people behind Hitler. THIS IS HOW THE WORLD SEES YOU. WAKE UP. DumpTrump2020″ and “I  hate what Trump is doing and shit. This is ridiculous. But this image… Hitler invented holding a book.”


A Facebook profile named “Activist ★ Democrats” have posted the viral image with a caption saying, “Is yesterdays photo straight from Adolph Hitler’s “play book”?”



The claim is False. The original image of Hitler without a book but with the same surroundings as the one in the viral image can be seen in Gettyimages website. The image had a description above which said, “Nazi German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler (C) saluting girding crowd raising arms in enthused mass heil, in undated image. (Photo by Heinrich Hoffmann/Timepix/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)”

Other websites like Alamy and Shuttershocks also had the same photo without the book.

So, it is can be said that the image with Hitler holding a book and claiming it a Bible is False and morphed.


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Netra V

An aspiring journalist from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication.