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Neither it’s Jaipur airport, nor the man caught is a terrorist.

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A set of video with an image is viral especially on @whatsapp showing a police force nabbing a man, lying on ground tied in rope. There were two gunshots also. The text accompanying the videos says Police caught a terrorist who was shooting everywhere at Jaipur Airport

“जयपुर एयरपोर्ट पर एक आतंकी ने अंधाधुंध फायरिंग शुरू कर दी लेकिन जवानों की मुस्तेदी के कारण कोई हताहत नहीं हुआ जवानो ने इसे मौके पर ही धर दबोचा आज जयपुर में जवानो को इस आंतकी को जिंदा पकड़ने में कामयाबी हासिल हुई है क्या कोई इस खबर की पुष्टि कर सकता है?”

Translation – A terrorist started firing indiscriminately at Jaipur airport, but there was no casualty due to the Jawans fast action. Jawans successfully nabbed the terrorist alive right on the spot. Can anyone confirm this news ?”


Truth –

This news was published in many mainstream media houses.
A bouncer/bodyguard Shankar, age 27, was caught drunk by CISF. He did not have any weapon on him, nor any link with terrorist organization was found.

Times of India Reported –

“NEW DELHI: There was high drama at the Indira Gandhi International Airport on Thursday night when a drunk passenger tried to “hijack” the cab he was travelling in to gain entry into the airport. The man was, however, overpowered by alert CISF personnel at the barricade. Two shots were fired to deter him, officials said.

There is a tight security dragnet at IGI due to the Independence Day celebrations.

Around 11pm, police received a PCR call about a shooting at a CISF checkpost towards Terminal 3. “The cab driver stepped out after being stopped by the officers. However, the passenger immediately took the driver’s seat and tried to steer the car through the gate. He was overpowered by CISF officers. During the scuffle, the officers fired two shots in the air,” a senior police officer said.

Police said the man was found in an intoxicated state and could not provide valid reasons for wanting to gain entry. “He was not in his senses,” the officer said.

CISF confirmed the incident and said it took four men to pin down the accused. “It appears that the accused person used to be a bodyguard earlier and we had a tough time bringing him under control. He was too drunk to respond to our questions,” said the official.

The accused, identified as Shankar (27), is a resident of south Delhi’s Sangam Vihar. “He has been booked under sections 186, 353 and 332 of IPC and investigations are on,” the police said.

In another case on Tuesday, a businessman was arrested by CISF for shouting “bomb” while waiting in line for the boarding gate. On Friday, CISF officers foiled a security breach at the airport when they apprehended an Italian man for allegedly carrying an unauthorised satellite phone. L D Giorgi was apprehended by CISF personnel after the satellite phone was detected in his baggage. He was bound for Amsterdam, a CISF officer said.

The man was handed over to Delhi Police, as carrying a satellite phone is against the law. Only defence and other authorised personnel were allowed to posses the communication gadget, the official said.

On Saturday, a South Korean national was apprehended at the IGI airport for the same offense.”


One noticeable point here is, although the tweet had a question in the end “क्या कोई इस खबर की पुष्टि कर सकता है?” i.e “Can anybody confirm this ?” which means the guy who tweeted this was not sure and wanted to know the truth, this tweet received more than 630 Retweets and is still going on.

Further have a look at the replies to this tweet, Although nobody is sure of the tweet, are not aware of the facts, they found their own meaning, confirming to their bias, they found religion in the tweet, they found politics in the tweet, because they wanted to, they are not interested in facts and can believe in anything given to them till it matches their prejudice


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