A fake image claiming a Temple found on demolishing a Mosque

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A tweet by Uma Garghi has been, by now retweeted 2522 times. Along with the image she wrote “When a mosque was demolished in Raichur in Karnataka for widening road they have found the this temple. We need to demolish all mosques.”


This was created digitally by artist Chandra Colourist in year 2016 i.e. two years ago

His Facebook post dated 8th May 2016 –

Upon asking the location, he clarified that he himself created the image –

This is Longmen Grottoes, Historical place in Luoyang, China

he Longmen Grottoes or Longmen Caves are some of the finest examples of Chinese Buddhist art. Housing tens of thousands of statues of Buddha and his disciples, they are located 12 kilometres south of present-day Luoyang in Henan province, China. Source

This is the original image –

Hrushi Reddy was one of the firsts to find the truth –


When people replied Uma Garghi with the facts, she replied all with another image which obviously doesn’t match the previous one, the one being from some huge cave while this one from some small mosque in suburban area

This too is two years old, i.e 2016

Postcard News admin posted the above in 2016

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