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Many old, unrelated images are viral claimed to be from anti-CAB protests.

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Although vandalism and damage to public property have been reported in various cities, but many irrelevant, old photos are viral claimed to be from Anti CAB protests.

First photo

A Photo of a crying toddler with bleeding right eye is viral as a result of Stone pelting by Jehadis in Bengal.

Abhishek Acharya Kulshrestha, Co- Convenor- Social Media & IT, BJP Delhi, Followed by Followed by @narendramodi, @AmitShahOffice, @AmitShah, @nsitharaman, @PiyushGoyal, @ombirlakota etc…. tweeted –

“What was the mistake of this toddler that he will remain one eyed for the rest of his life? He was on his way to hospital in an ambulance when a stone missiled into his eye.Dis hppend in West Bengal two days ago.Stones were pelted on the ambulance by PEACEFUL PROTESTERS of Mamta.”




We could track this image back to Oct 2017 claiming it to be from Syria. We can not confirm the location but given the time difference it’s certainly not from on going Anti CAB protests.

The image was tweeted on 1st October 2017


Second, Third and Fourth Photos

A.P. Muruganandam, All India Vice President, BJP YouthWing | Proud Indian| Honoured to be followed by PM @narendramodi tweeted

Google Translation The riots against the Bill of Rights and the brutal treatment of our brothers. It is now understood by whom this law is close.



None of the three photos are related to ongoing anti-CAB protests

The photo of crying and bleeding toddler in blue frock is from a Train accident in Bangladesh on 12th Nove 2019

UNB, a Bangladesh News portal reported

“At least 16 passengers were killed and over 100 others injured in a fatal collision between two trains on Dhaka-Chattogram route in Mandbagh Railway Station in Kasba upazila early Tuesday.
The deadly collision between Dhaka-bound Turna Nishita Express from Chattogram and Chattogram-bound Udayan Express from Sylhet took place around 3am, said Deputy Commissioner Hayat-Ud-Dowllah Khan, who visited the spot right after the crash.
“So far, 16 people have died in the deadly accident, but the figure may go up further,” the DC added.”


Second photo of the woman bleeding from head dates back to April 2018 or earlier. It is popular among the Fake News creators as they always use it under different incidents

We did a Fact check on it last year too

Old photos are viral claimed to be from attack on devotees in Bhagalpur.


The third photo of burning train is also at least a year old.It was tweeted last year. Tweet date 4th June 2018

Fifth Photo

A photo with a huge crowd gatherd under a Flyover is claimed to be Muslims protesting at Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai


It’s not a protest in Mumbai but it’s an Id celebration in Chittagong,  Bangladesh

Screenshot from the video below.


Same celebration captured from different angle, uploaded on youtube on 9th Nov 2019

Sixth Photo

A Photo of a boy wearing a bra is claimed as one of the main girl student protestors who actually was this boy

Ashish Merkhed, Honoured to be followed by Hon PM @narendramodi | Former State Head IT & Social Media @BJP4Maharashtra

His following tweet has been retweeted more than 2100 times


“जो सलमा बनकर जामिया दिल्ली में दंगे करवा रही थी वो अंदर से सलीम चचा निकले ।”

This post has been shared more than 1100 times




The photo is 2 years old. The man was arrested for kidnapping children in Egypt

An Egypt News portal Shakira Today reported – (Google Translation)

“A young man disguises himself as a woman to kidnap children in the gathering, and the people hand him over to the police
August 25, 2017 – 21:53
Users of the social networking site “Facebook” circulated pictures showing the arrest of citizens who arrested a young man who dressed as a woman who tried to kidnap a child from North Ninety Street, in front of Gate 8 in one of the famous malls in Fifth Avenue. The photo traders said that citizens succeeded in arresting this young man, before he kidnapped one of the children, believing that he was initially a woman, but after talking to him and searching him, they discovered that he was a young man disguised as a woman, and that he was handed over to the police.”



Seventh Photo

Prof. Ali Khan Mahmudabad, Asst. Prof of Poli. Sci. and Hist @AshokaUniv, . Member of the SP. tweeted the following image, deleted later.

Source: Altnews


This is not from the ongoing protests but is 8 years old i.e 2011. Lucknow DIG DK Thakur for allegedly beating up Samajwadi Party workers and trampling one the protesters’ face with his boots during the 72-hour agitation.


The same photo was reported by CatchNews from Year 2011


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