Old photos are viral claimed to be from attack on devotees in Bhagalpur.

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A set of few photos is viral claiming to be taken of an attack on Shiv devotees in Bhagalpur in the end of July 2018. A month log Shravani Mela was inaugurated on 27th July.

“Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das on Saturday inaugurated the famous “Shravani Mela” at Baba Baidhyanath Shiva temple in Deoghar, where around three million people offer water on the “Shiva Linga” every year in the month of Shravan in Hindu calendar.” – Business Standard 

Devotees/pilgrims participating in it are kanwariyas. Shravani Mela is currently going on at Baba Baidhyanath Shiva Temple in Deoghar, Jharkhand.

Following tweet of 1st Aug had 122 Retweets

“बिहार के भागलपुर में शिवभक्तो पर #जिहादियो का जानलेवा हमला वहा के पिशाचो ने किया 50-60 लोग बुरी तरह जख्मी,शायद कुछ लोग मरे भी है
अब यह Political Game हैं, या जो भी
अब वही होगा जो होना चाहिए काल भैरव को बली चढाओ
पिछले साल मध्यप्रदेश और 2002 में जो गुजरात में इनके साथ किया वही करो”
– Geeta Mehta @GeetaMe19831719

The following tweet has 3 photos, two same as the above tweet but another disturbing one which dead bodies of devotees lying on road

“बिहार के भागलपूर मे मुसलमानों ने #कावड़ शोभायात्रा पर पत्थर फेके और आग लगा दिया।
जिसमें कई शिव भक्त जिसमें घायल हुए
#सेकुलर मीडिया पर खबर नहीं दिखा रहा है।😡
न ही यह घटना #Mob_Lynching कहलाएगी..!!”
– शाखा परिवार @sakhaparivar

The following post had more than 7000 shares

बिहार के भागलपूर मे मुसलमानो ने शोभायात्रा पर पत्थर फेके और आग लगा दिया।
हिन्दुओ तूम बस सोते रहो ।
हिन्दु कि औलाद हो तो 1,2,3 जितने भी Group है share करो 🚩🙏 – रायल संजय सिंह राजपूत

Truth –

First of all there had been no such violence reported in any credible news sources.

Secondly, let’s check the photos individually.

1st – The man bleeding from his head.

This photo is one year old, from Sep 2017. A woman attached her husband along with her lover. Royal Bulletin ran the story with this image.
– Royal Bulletin is a local daily newspaper
– The Image is of highest possible quality available on Net 2448 X 3264 pixels.
– Photo’s EXIF says the photo has been taken by Nikon COOLPIX A10
– SMHoaxSlayer called up owner/editor of Royal Bulletin, he claimed the photo was taken by his journalist who met the victim to learn the details.
– The editor immediately send the following photo of the news printed in his paper



2nd – Dead bodies of devotees lying on the road
This was an unfortunate accident in May 2018 where a dumper killed 11 devotees on the way to Purnagiri dham

This photo was published in a popular Hindi Newspaper “Amar Ujala”

Times of India also reported
“11 pilgrims killed, 19 hurt in accident 11 pilgrims killed, 19 hurt in accident

Eleven people, many of them in their teens, were killed and 19 injured in Champawat district today when a speeding truck rammed into a group of pilgrims walking to the Purnagiri temple.
May 18, 2018, 19:08 IST

Eleven people, many of them in their teens, were killed and 19 injured in Champawat district of Uttarakhand when a speeding truck rammed into a group of pilgrims walking to the Purnagiri temple.
The pilgrims from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh were on their way to the hilltop temple, well known in the region, when they were knocked down by a dumper truck coming from behind.
The accident took place at 5am at Bichai, Tanakpur sub-divisional magistrate Anil Chanyal said.
Nine pilgrims were killed on the spot and two others succumbed to their injuries while being taken to hospital, the district disaster management office in Champawat said.
The group was following the `dolas’ (palanquins) of Purnagiri Devi, placed on two tractors, when the accident happened, the Tanakpur SDM said.
The devotees, still about 30 km from the temple, were traveling on foot as a mark of gratitude towards the deity for fulfilling their wishes, he said.”

3rd – A Woman bleeding from head

Although the original credible source couldn’t be found but the photo is old

The following one was posted on 2nd April 2018 on Google Plus, so is certainly not what the Fake posts are claiming i.e this week from Bhagalpur, although this photo could be much older than April 2018 too.


4th – The Videos original source couldn’t be traced but were posted on YouTube on in March 2018 or before so is not from July 2018 as they claim

Video credit – Metafact.org

More Fake ones –



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