Mamata Banerjee didn’t say ‘Vote for BJP’

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A video has been posted on the official Twitter handle of Bengal BJP where it was found that an edited video of Mamata Banerjee claiming “Vote for BJP “and the crowd chanting Modi on the background. The edited video has went viral. In the edited video it was also seen that some people are showing BJP flags. At the time of writing the article the video has got 3,629 likes and 1,494 retweets.
Here is the link of the video that has been uploaded in the official Twitter handle of Bengal BJP:

An unofficial facebook page of BJP also posted the same video with a claim in Bengali” ‘মোদী সুনামি’তে উত্তাল পশ্চিমবঙ্গ – বিজেপিকে ভোট দিতে বলছেন মমতা ব্যানার্জী…
এই প্রথমবার মমতা দিদি মানুষের কাছে সত্যি আবেদন করেছেন, ধন্যবাদ। #AayegaToModiHi( In West Bengal there is Modi Tsunami and Mamata Banerjee is also telling to vote for BJP. This is the first time in true sense that Banerjee is appealing to voters to vote for BJP.)
Here is the facebook link :

RSS supporters unofficial facebook page also posted a post in Bengali where Mamata Banerjee is claiming ” Enough of Ache Din. Give me break and Vote for BJP)
Here is the facebook link of the post



We heard the video minutely and it was found that the video was tampered. At the 4 second mark of the video it was found that Mamata Banerjee is saying ” Vote for BJP” and then there is an abrupt cut and again the same voice with the same claim is heard again in a loop.

SMHoaxSlayer also checked the official Twitter page of All India Trinamool Congress(AITC) where it was mentioned that official BJP Twitter handle has doctored the video and uploaded in their official page

SMHoaxSlayer then searched the original video from Mamata Banerjee official Facebook page and found that the edited video is from the original video of a rally of Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday at Khanakul in Hooghly.
Here is the Facebook link of Banerjee’s speech:

The part of the speech that has been doctored can be found at 35.50 mark. Here Banerjee is saying in Bengali ( “BJP Sorkar ke vote diye kobor din”) The English translation” Vote and put the BJP government in grave .”
In the doctored video the last two words kobor din( put in the grave) has been edited out . The edited video which went viral after two words have been edited is ” Vote for BJP.”
SMHoaxSlayer also delved deeper after they found Banerjee’s edited video twitted by official Twitter handle of BJP.
The crowd that was seen cheering for Modi in the edited video has been taken from a rally of Modi at Asansol on 23 April at Asansol.
Here is the screenshot of the crowd taken from edited video visa v the crowd at Modi’s rally at Asansol.

Image Source: BoomLive

The two pictures are exactly similar and so the crowd of the doctored video has been taken from Modi’s crowd rally and put with a claim that its TMC rally, where people are chanting Modi’s name.
Dilip Ghosh, state BJP secretary said ” I have seen the doctored video that has been uploaded in our official page . I have requested BJP IT cell officers to investigate the matter. ”
The story has earlier been debunked by BOOMLive .


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A Facebook user who have uploaded the edited video with the same claim


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