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Is this a video of people of Italy bidding goodbye to the world due to Corona?

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Since the advent of corona virus, a lot human lives have been lost to it. Italy has been one of the worst affected countries.

Claim: A video has been going viral on various social media platforms stating that it is a video of people in Italy bidding goodbye to the world outside a masjid in Milan, Italy because they couldn’t control the spread of corona virus. The video shows a large number of people standing with umbrellas wide open and singing the famous Italian song, Bell Ciao.

The video has been extensively shared with the following caption attached to it.

“In itly they couldn’t control the virus so the people of italy is saying goodbye to the world
outside the Majid of Milan . This is really Heart Breaking
Stand With Italy
Let’s Pray Help From Allah



The video has been shared by many on Facebook and has more than 5000 views.










Few have shared the same video on Twitter as well.




The post has also been forwarded on various WhatsApp groups and chats.



The video has been posted on YouTube with the same claim and has received more than 10,000 views.



The claim that has been going viral is false. The video is not of people saying goodbye to the world due to corona. Upon relevant key frame and reverse image searched followed by a word search it was found that it was an incident that took place in November 2019. It was an Anti-Fascist/ Anti Salvini/ Sardines’ protest held under the rain at Piazza Grande, Modena, Italy. The protest was widely covered by various media houses around the world. The same video is uploaded on YouTube in November 2019 by La Repubblica’s YouTube handle ( Italian newspaper). Ruptly, an international video news agency also uploaded the video on their YouTube Channel in December 2019. The articles about the protest have also been published by various news websites like The Guardian, The Indian Express, etc. The claim has also been fact checked by Factly and The Quint.

Thus the claim is false. The video is of a protest and not of prayers. It also is an incident that occurred before the beginning of the spread of Corona virus.



Source: La Repubblica

Source: Ruptly


Source: The GuardianΒ 


Source:Β  The Indian Express

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