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Did Rohiyangyas insult BJP workers in West Bengal ?

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A Video is viral showing a crowd has surrounded BJP workers on bike, taking down their BJP caps/Headgears and throwing it.

Interesting point worth noting here is, against usual way, where hundreds share few posts, these all posts are copy pasting same text, same video but many Facebook accounts.

The text with the video is “2019 के लोकसभा चुनाव में अगर भारतीय जनता पार्टी का समर्थन नहीं दिया तो यह घटना पूरे भारत में जल्दी देखने को मिलेगा
पश्चिम बंगाल मे रोहिंग्या और बांग्लादेशी रिफ्यूजी के बस्तियों से जब भाजपा कार्यकर्ता गुजर रहे थे तब वहां के रहने वाले रोहिंग्या मुसलमान और बांग्लादेशी उनके साथ ऐसा सलूक कर रहे थे”


“If you do not support BJP in 2019 election, this will be visible in every part of the country. 

This is how Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Refugees were treating BJP workers when they were crossing their area”

Check the Facebook results video below


This video is from Dec 2017, Surat, Gujarat, not West Bengal. You can listen to the people talking in Gujarati.

ABP News ran a news on this in Dec 2017

Jignesh Mewani, MLA, Vadgam Assembly Constituency, Gujarat, also tweeted this video on 17th Dec 2017



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