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It’s not the Hathras crime victim in the viral video being lauded by many.

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A video is viral showing a girl entering a hall surrounded by men and women touching her feet, gifting her rose, showering flower on her.

Following text is viral with the video –

“#हाथरसकीबेटीमनीषावाल्मिकी पढ़ाई मे टॉपर भी थी ओर जो स्वागत हुआ देखने लायक था…
ये वो ही बेटी हैं जिसका गेंगरेप कर के जीभ काटकर और आँखे एवं शरीर को जख्म करके हत्या कर दी थी
👇🏽#आवाजउठानामेराकर्तव्यहैं 👇🏽”

Translation“Daughter of Hathras was a topper in studies and the welcome she received was worth a watch. This is the same daughter who has been gangraped, tongue was cut, eyes and body was mutilated, It’s my duty to raise the voice”





A post by BSP supporter Priyanka Gautam has been shared by more than 5200 People.


A Congress man, Saddam Khan’s post has been shared by more than 1400 people






The video is not of the Hathras gangrape victim.

Although we couldn’t trace back the video, to find the time or the lady in the video but she is not the victim.

First of all, The faces doesn’t match at all. We can’t show you the real un-blurred photo but you either might have seen it or can check on Google.

On the left is the lady from the video, while on the right is the victim.

Secondly about studies, the victim was a 19 year old girl but went to school only till Std. 5 as her Mother told Indian Express.

“She had to cross the highway just to get to the primary school. Trucks and buses moved at such speed… We pulled her out of school when she was in Class 5. We never let her go alone, we were afraid she might come under a car, or that someone might kidnap her… What we feared has come true. We couldn’t protect her,” says the woman’s mother, sobbing into her veil.”

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