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The viral CCTV video of a woman being kidnapped in broad daylight is not from Uttar Pradesh.

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A CCTV footage video of a woman getting kidnapped in broad daylight is getting viral on social media platforms with the following text :

“उत्तर प्रदेश में दिनदहाड़े बेटियों को उठाया जा रहा है अंधभक्त अभी भी आंखों पर पट्टी चढ़ाए हैं”

Translation:Daughters are being kidnapped in broad daylight in Uttar Pradesh, blind devotees are still blindfolded.”

Claim: The video claims to be taken from CCTV footage in Uttar Pradesh, in which a woman is being kidnapped under the current government’s regime.


Sujata Paul (National Coordinator, With Congress, AICC, Indian National Congress) post has been shared by more than 7200 people

















We found the same video being shared on twitter also. A twitter user @ShabinaBano_ also tweeted the same video and the archived link to this tweet can be accessed from here.


The video is from Karnataka, not Uttar Pradesh.

During the course of our investigation, we heard people speaking in the Kannada language in this video.

As a part of Fact Checking, we looked at the video closely and found a sales banner outside an Electronic appliances Showroom and found the name of the festival as “Ugadi” which is celebrated in Karnataka

When we used the keyword search then we found multiple news stories of kidnapping in the Kolar district of Karnataka in August 2020.

Moreover, we also found out that the official handle of a prominent south Indian news website The News Minute shared this video in a tweet as well in a media report on its official website. The media report clearly states that a Karnataka man kidnapped a woman in broad daylight after she refused to marry him. This whole incident was recorded on CCTV. Thus the claims made on this video were found to be false and moreover, this video belongs to the Kolar district in Karnataka and it does not have any connection with Uttar Pradesh.



Mohd Nadeem Siddiqui

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