Did RJD MP say he fought election only for money?

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A Video is viral where a election candidate openly says his agenda is money. The video is falsely claimed to be new and of RJD MP.


Actually this video was viral last year too i.e Jan 2017. This is an independent candidate Gopal Chaudhary is contesting from Agra South, Uttar Pradesh.

The Hindustan Times reported

An independent candidate in Uttar Pradesh has said that “making money” is his sole agenda for contesting the assembly polls in the state, a remark that could invite the Election Commission’s wrath for potentially violating its code of conduct.

Gopal Chaudhary is contesting from Agra South where voting will be held in the first phase on February 11.

“Mera chunaav mein koi mudda nahin, bas ek personal mudda hain…mujhe paisa kamaana hai, invest karna hai and saari suvidhaye khari karna hain (I have no agenda. I only have a personal agenda…I want to make money and invest it,” Chaudhary told reporters on Thursday.

A video clip of his interview has gone viral on social media with many praising him for his “honesty” while others ridiculed him for demeaning the democratic tradition of voting.

“This is what is happening in politics…whoever comes into politics makes money, fills his home. Look at what the ministers of Samajwadi Party are doing. I will also do the same,” he said in Hindi, accusing leaders of the ruling party of corruption.

ANI Tweeted this video on 27th Jan 2017



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