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What is happening to my country again ? CSDS (Common Sense Deficiency Syndrome), the contagious disease is back again country wide.
The Virus has been recognized as “Cyber Patriotism”.
Virus carrier is an App on almost every Mobile – “WhatsApp”.
Symptoms: When one forwards posts with lies, photoshopped images, twisted logic (or not any) to prove themselves a patriot (or nationalist u may call)
1. New 2000 Note has Nano GPS Chip
2. Printing is wrong on the Note
3. When one can stand in queue for iPhone why not for Bank
4. If Soldiers can stand on Border why can you not in bank Queue.
5. You forward Screenshot of a tweet of a Celebrity which is in line with your thinking and you don’t bother to check if it’s genuine.
6. You Like/type Amen on photo of Kid with brain tumor to save him as if God is also counting likes ?
Basic Cure: Don’t open WhatsApp for 3-4 days, especially don’t read messages in groups at all being sent by victims. In the meanwhile, read news papers and credible Media Sites.

The Author of this blog is not at all Anti-National, neither against this Decision on Notes (Although Planning should’ve been better), Rather is working towards a better country with thoughtful and logical people.. The purpose is merely to let people know that they have ability to think and should use it.
Common Sense is among extinct species, please help me to save it.
What and how comparing a citizens in iPhone line is equal with one in Bank Queue ? iPhone, MTV Roadies is one’s wish, but not having 100 rs note to buy vegetable for family, or pay off Event manager for wedding is helplessness, desperation.
So why did you forward that comparison, just to show people that you agree with it and you are a patriot ? Bro, being patriot is not just country’s border, it’s much more that that. It includes being good citizen too.
Think again, when was the last time you slowed down your vehicle on Orange light ? when did you last time kept the wrapper in your hand till you found a bin ? when was the last time you helped others ?
This Cyber Patriotism is merely an eyewash. It’s merely a forward/Share button.
So do help others also from falling victim of CSDS. Do not spread rumors, Hoaxes, Fake/Photoshopped images etc on social media. It can be dangerous, can take life too.

Do Give your feedback.
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Spread the truth:

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