This car can’t change colors by remote yet.

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Can a car change colors by pressing a button on remote ? In future it might, but for now, it’s merely computer editing.
A video is viral which shows A Volkswagen car changing colors by pressing buttons on a remote.
And you don’t need to dream of it yet cause in India, you need to first notify RTO before changing color of the car 😉

This is merely after effects on the video as fantasy. The company CSGM Design writes “Haters say it’s a fake 🤔and “Tag someone who needs this 😍”  which indeed is sarcasm.

The video was first posted in October 23rd 2017

The same Hoax but on different car by someone else was debunked by SMHoaxSlayer 2 years ago i.e. Nov 2015

Peugeot, a car manufacturer also posted such video in 2012 as April Fool prank .


One of the largest fake news buster in the world Snopes.com says –

“However, although these particular “color-changing car” videos may not be real, the phenomenon they display may be a somewhat plausible one.

Back in 2007, motoring publications reported that Nissan had developed a process for applying a polymer coating (referred to as ‘paramagnetic’ paint) to automobile exteriors that could instantly change the perceived color of the car to any desired hue through the application of electrical current:

One of the hardest decisions when picking a new car is choosing the right color but the day when cars will be available in multiple colors could be here sooner than you think. Scientists have developed a new coating called ‘paramagnetic’ paint that has the ability to change colors at the touch of a button. One carmaker looking into the technology is Nissan, which has already developed a self-healing paint.
Before the vehicle is painted,

a special polymer containing the special ‘paramagnetic’ iron oxide particles is applied to the car’s body. An applied electric current then adjusts the spacing of small crystals within the iron oxide particles and therefore affects their ability to reflect light and change color.

The process is perfect for metal objects like cars because a continuous small current is needed to maintain the desired color. When the vehicle is switched off, the car returns to a default color of white.

The coating has the ability to reproduce any color visible to the human eye and it takes less than a second to change the entire car. The first commercial applications could be on the market as early as 2010.


As far as we know, neither Nissan nor any other major automobile manufacturer has yet offered ‘paramagnetic’ paint as an available feature on a production-line vehicle, but the days of color-changing cars like the one shown in this video may not be so far off.”

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