Is Golden Temple bearing expenses of ventilators and PPE kits? No.

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A lot of people on social media platforms have been sharing a post which claims that the Golden Temple in Amritsar will be bearing all the expenses of PPE kits and ventilators of Punjab. This post is not just getting extensively viral in Punjab but also across the entire nation.

This false information is throwing light on the negative claim to seek attention towards the efforts made by this religious entity towards combating novel coronavirus.

*Sri Harmander Sahib, Golden Temple* Amritsar offered to bear *full cost of Ventilators and PPE requirement of entire Punjab state.* Finally money donated by public will be utilised for public welfare purposes. Taking this kind of lead by Sikhism is lesson to other religious temples and Institutions of the country.” reads the claim.



And while the above mentioned are a few posts floating on Facebook, the below mentioned Twitter post was put across by a famous celeb Prithvi Reddy, lauding the same.





First of all, this alleged news is no where to be found in any credible media house.

To verify this claim and dig out the truth, we got in touch with one of the members of the council of the temple and found out that no statement of this sort has been given out by the authorities.

“We never told anyone about bearing all the expenses of ventilators and PPE kits across Punjab. Anything gets posted on social media. Not everything that you read online needs to be trusted. In these testing times, we would suggest everyone to limit their news consumption and ponder on only what is correct and authentic. Such announcements are made officially and float on bigger platforms first before they land on social media.” ” Golden temple has not yet planned on giving away any such funds”

Lallantop, a sister firm of Aajtak also cleared the same







Kashish Arora

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